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Wanna Race?? You can!!

Bring your car.  Doesn't matter what kind, as long as it's a car.  Bring a helmet and your entry fee.  That's it. We're not kidding. 

We are a non profit, volunteer racing club that puts on events that your average Joe and Jane can participate in.  It is 17.4 metric tons of fun and adrenalin and if you are here reading this... which.. you are, then you need to check this out.

Check our frequently asked questions page for... questions that are frequently asked by clicking the large green button below.  If you don't see your question, contact us with our awesome contact page.  The number one question asked is "What kind of car do I need?".  Keep reading.

Here are two cars.  One is a Ford Cosworth with approximately 5 million horsepower, has world class suspension and was once owned by World Rally Champion Colin Mcrae (left).  The other car is red and is owned by a guy named Bill.


These and anything in between are the best cars to use. Horsepower is not the most important thing at these events. Discovering new driving skills, comradery and good times is what its all about. Oh ya , and we have championship trophies too. ;D A final word here is that we race CARS. Not trucks, Jeeps, motorcycles, SUVs or anything of that nature. Just cars.

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You took photos!

Well, don't keep them to yourself!  If you have your photos on a photo hosting website such as Picassa or Photobucket or any other send us the link and we'll put it on our media page.  If we see a really cool photo, we may even place it on the website somewhere!  (let us know if you don't want that... but seriously, who wouldn't want that?).

2nd 2016 Update - Feb 4th

Next event weekend is:
Team Challenge Event #1
on Saturday, Feb 13th , and
Rallycross #1
on Sunday, Feb 14th

at Roy's Lake,  Spruce Grove AB

Click Here To Register

 Team Challenge #1

 Rallycross #1

To get to Roy's Lake:
1) Take Whitemud Drive to 199St/Lessard Rd  exit
2)  Go west to 199 street and turn left
3) Follow 199 street south to 23 ave and turn right.
4) Follow 23 ave/ Highway 627 for 19.5 km to Range Road 275 and turn left
5) Follow Range Road 275 south for approximately 1.5 km to a one lane dirt road on right leading onto Roy's Lake

NOTE that Roy's Lake is private property. Any unauthorized trespassing before or after events will result in permanent banning from our events. This is someone's private property, so no warnings will be given.

                       2016 Rallycross Schedule
Lapping: Jan 30 Roy's Lake
Team #1: Feb 13 Roy's Lake
RallyX #1: Feb 14 Roy's Lake
Team #2: Feb 27 Roy's Lake
RallyX #2: Feb 28 Roy's Lake
Team #3: Mar 5 Roy's Lake
RallyX #3: Mar 6 Roy's Lake
Team #4: Mar 12 Roy's Lake
RallyX #4: Mar 13 Roy's Lake
RallyX #5: May 8 Bill's Field
RallyX #6: Jun 12 Bill's Field
RallyX #7: Jul 10 Bill's Field
RallyX #8: Aug 14 Bill's Field
RallyX #9: Sep 11 Bill's Field
RallyX #10: Oct 2 Bill's Field
RallyX #11: Nov 6 Bill's Field
RallyX #12: Dec 10 Castrol
RallyX #13: Dec 11 Castrol

January 30th event
Driver's Meeting:
First Car Out:
Competition Fee: $60 for ASN Club Members
$80 Otherwise
Spectating Fee:
Competition Vehicles: CARS (no motorcycles, vans, quads, or side-by-sides. No trucks or SUVs without prior organizer approval)
Need:  M2005 or SA2005 helmets or  newer 
Passengers: 1 allowed per car
Food: Bring your own
Toilets: Porta-potty on-site

The next ERC meeting is the AGM at
6563 Gateway Blvd
on Wed, February 10th at 6:30 pm.

As always, remember to check back frequently, as events can change or be cancelled as late as the night before an event.