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CSCC – Mudlark TSD Update

Tomorrow is the last day of the Early Bird pricing on the Mudlark TSD rally out of Calgary.  Until the end of tomorrow, it is $100 ($75 for any CARS affiliated club members, including the ERC), and goes up to $125/100 on Saturday. Register for this awesome novice level TSD here!

If if you’re not able to race on May 7th, but want to be involved, please consider volunteering. They will require help with tech, check points, and general help the day of. Get in touch here!

ERC Monthly Meeting Minutes

In case you missed it, or if you were there and would like to review, here are the minutes from our last monthly meeting.  ERC Monthly Meeting Minutes 2016-04-13

Meetings are open to all members to attend.  If you have agenda items that you’d like addressed, you can either let us know through the contact form, or bring them up at the next meeting (May 11, 2016).

Remember – if you would like to have some input into what your club does, please come to the meetings! 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to email president[at]edmontonrallyclub[dot]ca.

Club Meeting Tonight!

Please join us tonight for our monthly club meeting.  We will be discussing sub-committees, up coming events, volunteer requests, and more!

The meeting will start at 6:30 pm at the clubhouse: 6563 Gateway Blvd.

Please note: in an effort to cut down on overhead, pizza will be purchased on a contribution basis. If you’d like some pizza, bring some money to chip in! 🙂

Rallycross Championship Event #4

I hope everyone’s had a chance to check out the Facebook Group, as there are a ton of videos, photos and commentary there!  Here are some highlights from this weekend’s event.  Please feel free to add more photos, to comment on the event, etc. in the comment section below!  All of the following photos were taken by Cameron Deitch.

Castrol eliminator crown vics
Battle of the Crown Vics, in the Eliminator Challenge
Chuck castrol
Chuck Roberts
Castrol eliminator happy
The Eliminator
castrol lorne
Lorne Badry
castrol smale
Matt Smale
Castrol Daryl
Daryl Dombrosky
castrol badry
Chris Badry

Castrol busCastrol

Mudlark TSD Rally – May 7th

Now is the time to start prepping and register for the CSCC’s Mudlark TSD Rally!  This is a novice rally, but some driving proficiency will be required due to the change of terrain.  You will experience gravel, dirt and mud, with an occasional goat trail.

You will want to consider whether you need to do anything to your vehicle for the above conditions, but otherwise, there is no “required” car prep.  All competitors must have a standing safety triangle, a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher in their vehicles, but otherwise there is no specialty equipment required.

If you want some practice before the Northern Loon, try out the Mudlark in Calgary in May!  If you’re not interested in Driving or Co-Driving, the CSCC still needs more volunteers to help with tech, checkpoints, etc.  Check out their website for more information.

If you’d like to drive or navigate, but don’t have a partner, post in the comments to see if you can find your missing teammate!

Happy Trails to Gnu…

The 2016 Trail of Gnu happened on April 2, 2016 in Rocky Mountain House.  It was great to see such a strong turn out – 27 cars started (an additional 5 cars received a DNS), which is a fantastic turn out!

The course was pretty well devoid of snow, but had many water splashes, long dry sections, and some super slick mud. It was a different Gnu than before, considering it’s usually considered a “winter TSD rally”.  There were fast gravel sections, followed by technical blind crests, exposures, and all sorts of terrain and tricky route bits in between.

We had 4 ERC members participate in this event – Dave Sharp (Driver), Chuck Pifko (Navigator), Mike Thorn (Driver), and Kait Priest (Navigator).   Chuck and his driver, Bruce Walker, took 11th place overall, and 4th in their class (Unlimited).  Dave and his navigator, Kurt Schantz, took 17th over all, and 2nd in their class (Paper).  Mike and Kait got a DNF, as they forcibly removed their oil pan on the second last regularity, and ended up needing a tow off the mountain.  If you’d like to see all the results, please have a look over at the Trail of the Gnu website.  Congrats to all our ERC members who placed, and a big sad trombone for those who didn’t!

Here are a few photos – please feel free to add your photos in the comments (requires outside image hosting like flickr or photobucket, and html code, which most hosting sites will provide for you).

Mike and Kait, Car 21
Mike and Kait, Car 21 (Photographer unknown – if you took this picture, please let us know!)
Route Books
Route Books
Bruce Walker and Chuck Pifko
Bruce Walker and Chuck Pifko (Photo by Peter Brook)
Line up between regularities.
Line up between regularities
Dave and Kurt
Dave Sharp and Kurt Schantz (Photo by Peter Brook)