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July 2016 General Meeting Minutes and Announcements

Hi all,

Glad to see everyone who came out to the ERC meeting this past week.  Here are the minutes for that meeting: ERC Meeting Minutes – 2016-07-13


  1. Volunteering! If you volunteer in one of our “named” volunteer positions (registration, timing and scoring, gatekeeper), you will earn $30 off your next entry fee.  The board has decided to go this route because generally those people are the first ones to have their runs scrapped if the day gets shortened, or if something goes wrong and needs more attention (ie. timing goes down, and we move to manual timing, etc.).  We do want to see a variety of people trained in those positions, so when people take vacation, or are not able to be there, there is a volunteer base who is ready to step in.  There will only be 4 of these volunteers each event, so please let us know if you’re interested.  Mike and Kait will be away in August, and while Brandon is a pro at running Rallycross, it sucks to do it by yourself!
  2. Bring a Friend!  At the upcoming August event (and events following, until the program is discontinued), we will be running a “Bring a Friend” promotion.  Any person brings a friend who enters as a driver at a Rallycross (and has never been to rallycross before) will receive a coupon that is good for $20 off their next event.  The friend will also get a coupon for $20 off their next event OR  yearly membership.  The coupons must be used on later events, and do not apply to the event at which they were handed out at.  Coupons can be used in person or on the website.  Unfortunately, coupons cannot be redeemed at at this time.
  3. MORE RALLYCROSS!  Due to having to cancel some events and just having crummy spring weather, we’ve decided to add some dates to the Rallycross Championship.  The rest of the Rallycross Championship season will now be as follows: August 14, September 11, October 2, October 16, November 6, November 20, December 10 & 11.  These events will all happen at the Rallycross Park in Devon, except December 11, which will happen at Castrol Raceway.  Updates to our Calendar and to our Championship pages to reflect these added events will be coming!
  4. A Baby Loon! – Mike and Kait are thinking about running a novice TSD event in the fall, which will be a much shorter version of the Northern Loon – basically from Drayton Valley back to Edmonton.  We expect it would take about a half day to do.  It would be geared as an introductory event for the Edmonton Rally Club members, to get them prepped and comfortable with TSD, or just to try it out without having to make the commitment of running a full length TSD.  It would be a good time to try different strategies, learn how a TSD works, or try your hand at checkpointing or other volunteer positions.  Rallywest runs a TSD Championship every year, and we’re hoping to increase interest in TSD in Alberta (there are lots of events in Saskatchewan and BC – opportunity to travel!).  More information to come!

Final Results and Rallycross Reminder

The Premier Building Supplies’ Northern Loon 2016 final results are now in!

1st Overall – Car #1 – Keith Morison and Mark Ward

2nd Overall – Car #4 – Chad Rothenburger and Liam Skett

3rd Overall – Car #5 – Pete Chadwick and Chawna Imber

1st in Class, Calculator – Car #4 – Chad Rothenburger and Liam Skett

1st in Class, Historic – Car #1 – Keith Morison and Mark Ward

1st in Class, Unlimited – Car #19 – Rick Seward and Rick Seward

1st in Class, Novice – Car #6 – Nate Sikora and Kristy Donaldson

Thank you again to all our volunteers and to our competitors who endured some exciting roads, only made more exciting by an epic rain/hail storm, and crazy construction (not there the day before!).  We will be contacting the winners in order to arrange delivery of their trophies.

We failed to mention at the Banquet that Jeremy and Chuck Pifko won our early-bird prize, and both will receive a Northern Loon Shirt.  If you didn’t buy a shirt, and would still like to, there are some in the shop!


The ERC Rallycross Championship Event #6 takes place this Sunday, on July 17th.  We are very much looking forward to hosting this event.  You can now sign up on or in our shop.

The Edmonton Rally Club now takes credit card on site!

We will also have all our shirts, license plates, and decals on sale at the event.  Please see Kait to pick up your swag (and yes – you can use your credit card!).

Meeting Tonight!

There is a meeting tonight at the clubhouse.  Meeting starts at 6:30 pm, and they usually run until about 8:30 pm.  Meetings are open for anyone to join us.  So if you’re interested in participating in the decision making process, please join us!

Northern Loon Preliminary Results Changes!!

Due to multiple concerns over the conditions in the fifth regularity concerning the paving work on Hwy 620, and the lack of clarification of time allowance request process in either the drivers meeting or in the route book, we have decided that the most appropriate response is to negate the results from checkpoints 5.7, 5.8, and 5.9.

Trying to make up the lost time that some competitors experienced in that construction area would have been unsafe.

We take this change very seriously, and take full responsibility for the ensuing result changes.  We want to create as fair and level playing field as possible. Upon further review of these results, we feel that the conditions were not equal and were out of the competitors control.

Our apologies if this change resulted in a negative adjustment in your finishing position. We hope that you understand our reasoning, and that you feel as we do – that this was the only fair solution to the situation.

If you have any concerns or questions, please direct them to Mike Thorn at 587-988-9364 or

Thank you again for participating!

Results – Preliminary V4

2016 Northern Loon – Preliminary Results

UPDATE: New version of the results are up!  Please have a look at the document labeled V3. Thank you!

Hello competitors, volunteers, and TSD enthusiasts!  Here are your preliminary results.  Competitors have until Tuesday at midnight to contest any of the scoring, and at that point these results will be made final.

We thoroughly regret not being able to hand out trophies at the banquet.  This is the most fun and rewarding part of organizing, but we did not want to make any mistakes as this was the first event we ran.  We will make arrangements with the winners to get their hardware to them.

All of the class and overall positions are based on AOT (Adjusted Overall Total).  Without further ado… here’s your (preliminary) winners!

Overall 1st Place: Car 1 – Keith Morison and Mark Ward

Overall 2nd Place: Car 2 – James Alison and Cindy Alison

Overall 3rd Place: Car 5 – Pete Chadwick and Chawna Imber

First in Class Unlimited: Car 19 – Rick Seward and Rick Seward

First in Class Historic: Car 1 – Keith Morison and Mark Ward

First in Class Calculator: Car 2 – James Alison and Cindy Alison

First in Class Novice: Car 6 – Nate Sikora and Kristy Donaldson

Results – Preliminary V3

Results – Preliminary V2

Results – Preliminary (PDF)

If you have an questions or concerns, please contact Mike Thorn at myanth78(at)gmail(dot)com.

Preliminary Running Order!

Hello!  The preliminary running order for the Premier Building Solutions’ 2016 Northern Loon is now live.

As always, the preliminary running order is subject to change, up until you’re handed your numbers for you car.

If you haven’t contacted Kait Priest about whether you’re joining us at the banquet, please do so by emailing kaitDOTpriestATgmailDOTcom.

Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!

No.DriverNavigatorVehicleClassTeam Name
1Keith MorisonMark Ward1978 Volvo 242 GTHistoricSwedish Escort Rally Team
2James AlisonCindy Alison1996 BMW 318TICalculator
3Jeremy PifkoChuck Pifko1998 Subaru ImprezaUnlimited
4Chad RothenburgerLiam Skett2001 Audi A4Calculator
5Pete ChadwickChawna Imber2015 VW TiguanCalculatorYesmilady Rally Team
6Nate SikoraKristy Donaldson2002 Subaru WRXNoviceLandshark Rally Team
7Jordan KubicaNiklas Winnitowy2010 Mitsubishi LancerNovice
8Brandon LiangJack Gardner2004 Subaru Impreza WRXNoviceFL4T FOUR Motorsports
9Dave ClarkTom Chichak1967 Volvo 122sHistoric
10Garrett ChappellMetro Chanski2006 Subaru Impreza RSNoviceTeam Acid Racing
14Chuck RobertsPeter Robinson2002 Mini Cooper SNoviceBurnt Lake Rally Team
11Brian BaileyMegan Blaxley1978 Porsche 924HistoricGroup 19
12Justin LawrensonJake Dolan2000 Acura, IntegraNoviceTeam Victor
15Kelly MartinStephen WalkerDodge Neon SRT4NoviceBeaver Liqures
16Adrian Walsh Kevin Walsh1980 Toyota CorollaNoviceImpact Blue
17Jesse DutnallDaniel Bennett2006 Ford Focus ZX5NoviceVroom Vroom Rallysport
18Noah WaltD'Arcy Smith1988 Porsche 944HistoricGramps Racing
19Eric DostieFrancis Crowther1995 Nissan MaximaNoviceNighthawk
13Rick E SewardRick R Seward1995 GMC K1500Unlimited Team Awesome
DNSPenny MellorLisa Sebella2003 VW GTI Vr6PaperGirls Only!