Monthly Archives: February 2017

AGM Update

On February 8, we held our AGM at the ERC Clubhouse.  We had a really good turn out, and are thankful for everyone who came out.  Please review the meeting minutes:

ERC AGM 2017-02-08 Minutes Package

At the meeting, we reviewed the proposed bylaw changes, and some edits were applied to the bylaws.  At the end of the meeting minutes above, you can view these changes, as highlighted in yellow.  If you were at the meeting and feel that these edits do not reflect what was decided upon, please contact  We will consider any comments for a period of 7 days from the date of this post.

The election results for the 2017 Board of Directors is as follows:

President: Mike Thorn

Vice President: Dave Sharp*

Treasurer: Bob Robinson

Secretary: Kait Priest

Members at Large: Chuck Roberts, Eric Dostie, and Tyler Coffin


*Dave Sharp was nominated and accepted the position as Vice President at the AGM, however has resigned since the AGM.  This position will be filled at the March General Meeting, and we will start the nomination process closer to that date.