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Rallycross Championship Event #5 Results

We would really like to thank all of our competitors for their continued patience as we have been working towards a new scoring template in order to be able to update scoring on our website in a more timely and less labour-intensive way.  Our intention is to be able upload the scoring sheets points standings within 24 hours.

Event scoring is now up, and championship updates are to follow shortly.

Thank you again for all your continued support!

Northern Loon Recap

Thanks to everyone who participated in, volunteered at or sponsored the Northern Loon.  We couldn’t have done it without any of you!

The final results are up on the Loon page.

We are looking forward to the 2017 Frozen Loon on December 2nd.  Preparations for this winter TSD will start soon, so be on the look out in the next couple of months!


Thank you!

Thank you to all our members and competitors who participated in our 2016 year.  With our final events in the books, we are extremely grateful to our competitors, who came out regardless of weather, track and vehicle conditions; our volunteers, without whom we just wouldn’t exist; and our sponsors, who have stepped up to the plate when we needed it most.  We had a spectacular season, and we owe it all to all of you.

We want to wish you Happy Holidays, and hope to see every one out for our Year End Banquet in January, and our AGM in February.


Northern Loon Preliminary Results Changes!!

Due to multiple concerns over the conditions in the fifth regularity concerning the paving work on Hwy 620, and the lack of clarification of time allowance request process in either the drivers meeting or in the route book, we have decided that the most appropriate response is to negate the results from checkpoints 5.7, 5.8, and 5.9.

Trying to make up the lost time that some competitors experienced in that construction area would have been unsafe.

We take this change very seriously, and take full responsibility for the ensuing result changes.  We want to create as fair and level playing field as possible. Upon further review of these results, we feel that the conditions were not equal and were out of the competitors control.

Our apologies if this change resulted in a negative adjustment in your finishing position. We hope that you understand our reasoning, and that you feel as we do – that this was the only fair solution to the situation.

If you have any concerns or questions, please direct them to Mike Thorn at 587-988-9364 or

Thank you again for participating!

Results – Preliminary V4

2016 Northern Loon – Preliminary Results

UPDATE: New version of the results are up!  Please have a look at the document labeled V3. Thank you!

Hello competitors, volunteers, and TSD enthusiasts!  Here are your preliminary results.  Competitors have until Tuesday at midnight to contest any of the scoring, and at that point these results will be made final.

We thoroughly regret not being able to hand out trophies at the banquet.  This is the most fun and rewarding part of organizing, but we did not want to make any mistakes as this was the first event we ran.  We will make arrangements with the winners to get their hardware to them.

All of the class and overall positions are based on AOT (Adjusted Overall Total).  Without further ado… here’s your (preliminary) winners!

Overall 1st Place: Car 1 – Keith Morison and Mark Ward

Overall 2nd Place: Car 2 – James Alison and Cindy Alison

Overall 3rd Place: Car 5 – Pete Chadwick and Chawna Imber

First in Class Unlimited: Car 19 – Rick Seward and Rick Seward

First in Class Historic: Car 1 – Keith Morison and Mark Ward

First in Class Calculator: Car 2 – James Alison and Cindy Alison

First in Class Novice: Car 6 – Nate Sikora and Kristy Donaldson

Results – Preliminary V3

Results – Preliminary V2

Results – Preliminary (PDF)

If you have an questions or concerns, please contact Mike Thorn at myanth78(at)gmail(dot)com.

Rallycross Championship Event #4

I hope everyone’s had a chance to check out the Facebook Group, as there are a ton of videos, photos and commentary there!  Here are some highlights from this weekend’s event.  Please feel free to add more photos, to comment on the event, etc. in the comment section below!  All of the following photos were taken by Cameron Deitch.

Castrol eliminator crown vics
Battle of the Crown Vics, in the Eliminator Challenge
Chuck castrol
Chuck Roberts
Castrol eliminator happy
The Eliminator
castrol lorne
Lorne Badry
castrol smale
Matt Smale
Castrol Daryl
Daryl Dombrosky
castrol badry
Chris Badry

Castrol busCastrol

Happy Trails to Gnu…

The 2016 Trail of Gnu happened on April 2, 2016 in Rocky Mountain House.  It was great to see such a strong turn out – 27 cars started (an additional 5 cars received a DNS), which is a fantastic turn out!

The course was pretty well devoid of snow, but had many water splashes, long dry sections, and some super slick mud. It was a different Gnu than before, considering it’s usually considered a “winter TSD rally”.  There were fast gravel sections, followed by technical blind crests, exposures, and all sorts of terrain and tricky route bits in between.

We had 4 ERC members participate in this event – Dave Sharp (Driver), Chuck Pifko (Navigator), Mike Thorn (Driver), and Kait Priest (Navigator).   Chuck and his driver, Bruce Walker, took 11th place overall, and 4th in their class (Unlimited).  Dave and his navigator, Kurt Schantz, took 17th over all, and 2nd in their class (Paper).  Mike and Kait got a DNF, as they forcibly removed their oil pan on the second last regularity, and ended up needing a tow off the mountain.  If you’d like to see all the results, please have a look over at the Trail of the Gnu website.  Congrats to all our ERC members who placed, and a big sad trombone for those who didn’t!

Here are a few photos – please feel free to add your photos in the comments (requires outside image hosting like flickr or photobucket, and html code, which most hosting sites will provide for you).

Mike and Kait, Car 21
Mike and Kait, Car 21 (Photographer unknown – if you took this picture, please let us know!)
Route Books
Route Books
Bruce Walker and Chuck Pifko
Bruce Walker and Chuck Pifko (Photo by Peter Brook)
Line up between regularities.
Line up between regularities
Dave and Kurt
Dave Sharp and Kurt Schantz (Photo by Peter Brook)