2017 Season

Points Scheme:
First Number: 1st place in class = 20, 2nd = 18, 3rd = 16, 4th = 14, 5th = 12, 6th = 10, 7th = 8, 8th = 7, 9th = 6, 10th = 5, 11th = 4, 12th = 3, 13th = 2, 14th = 1
Second Number: Number of Competitors in the class that day
Third Number: 3 points awarded to fastest single run of the day in the class.

Remember: All competitors must drop one event from their totals at year end for Championship total. If you did all events in the season, you’ll lose your lowest event points. If you did less than all of them, you lose 0 points.

 RCC #1RCC #2RCC #3Total
McGrath, Tony16+3816+4420+30+3167
Dombrosky, Jordon12+381+4416+30141
Thorn, Mike6+388+4410+30
Dostie, Eric10+385+446+30133
Roberts, Chuck7+38447+30
Piper, Logan4+383+445+30124
Roberts, Carter20+38+318+44123
Feeney, Conor18+3820+44+3123
Spicer, Cale3+386+4412+20123
Robinson, Bob384430122
Fricker, Daniel38448+30120
Mo, William1+382+443+30118
Conrod, Darrel38442+30114
Coffin, Tyler384430112
Riley, James384430112
Schmidt, Callen384430112
Milo, Chad14+387+44103
Avery, Justin14+4418+2096
King, Trevor8+384490
McCann, Shawn4414+3088
Goerzen, Ryan5+384487
Seward, Rick384482
Burton, Kevin384482
Laramee, Matt384482
Will, Diedrich384482
Smit, Bryce384482
Lynch, Darren444+3078
Plooy, Matthew4430
Nelson, Spencer443074
Bottorff, Jared4430
Schmidt, Matthew381+3069
Cimenti, Eric383068
Thomas, Nathan383068
Stubbs, Christopher12+4456
Grossi, Fernando10+4454
Stubbs, Patrick4+4448
Elemans, Mike4444
Patton-Gay, Damian4444
Aylward, Gordon4444
Chappell, Garrett4444
Gallant, Ben4444
Onyschuk, James4444
Smith, Chris4444
Suteau, Tyler4444
Tobler, Craig4444
Truflinuk, David4444
Gorman, Cody4444
Vuven, Lynden2+3840
Pascoal, Julian3838
Tran, Jim3838
Badry, Lorne3838
Delurey, Brenda3838
Sharp, Dave3838
Thomson, Richard3838
Sharp, Adriana3838
Kolasa, Kevin3838
Mitchell, Andrew3838
Manko, Basil3838
Kowalski, Lucas3030
McNickel, Kyle3030
Chanski, Metro3030
Richardson, Dylan3030
Dombroski, Darryl3030
Ehm, Scott3030
Gibson, Matthew3030
4 Wheel Drive
Feeney, Conor18+1020+14+365
Roberts, Carter20+10+318+1465
Avery, Justin16+1420+9+362
Milo, Chad16+1010+1450
Schmidt, Matthew8+1018+945
Cimenti, Eric12+1014+945
Nelson, Spencer2+1412+937
Burton, Kevin7+105+1436
Laramee, Matt6+104+1434
Bottorff, Jared3+147+932
Stubbs, Christopher14+1428
Grossi, Fernando12+1426
Richardson, Dylan16+925
Tran, Jim14+1024
Stubbs, Patrick8+1422
Patton-Gay, Damian7+1421
Aylward, Gordon6+1420
Badry, Lorne10+1020
Chanski, Metro10+919
Gibson, Matthew8+917
Ehm, Scott6+915
Gallant, Ben1+1415
Thomson, Richard5+1015
2 Wheel Drive
McGrath, Tony20+28+320+30+320+21+3148
Dombrosky, Jordon18+288+3018+21123
Thorn, Mike10+2818+3012+21119
Dostie, Eric16+2814+307+21116
Spicer, Cale6+2816+3014+21115
Roberts, Chuck12+286+308+21105
Piper, Logan7+2812+306+21104
Mo, William4+2810+304+2197
Fricker, Daniel282+3010+2191
Riley, James1+28302+2182
Conrod, Darrel28303+2182
King, Trevor14+287+3079
Coffin, Tyler28302179
Robinson, Bob28302179
Schmidt, Callen28302179
Goerzen, Ryan8+285+3071
McCann, Shawn4+3016+2171
Seward, Rick2+283060
Smit, Bryce283058
Will, Diedrich283058
Lynch, Darren1+305+2157
Plooy, Matthew302151
Thomas, Nathan281+2150
Vuven, Lynden5+2833
Elemans, Mike3+3033
Pascoal, Julian3+2831
Chappell, Garrett3030
Onyschuk, James3030
Smith, Chris3030
Suteau, Tyler3030
Tobler, Craig3030
Truflinuk, David3030
Gorman, Cody3030
Delurey, Brenda2828
Sharp, Dave2828
Sharp, Adriana2828
Kolasa, Kevin2828
Mitchell, Andrew2828
Manko, Basil2828
Kowalski, Lucas2121
McNickel, Kyle2121
Dombroski, Darryl2121
Novice 2WD
Piper, Logan18+1720+1918+1191
King, Trevor20+17+318+19+380
Riley, James10+177+1912+1176
Conrod, Darrel6+178+1914+1175
McCann, Shawn16+1920+11+369
Coffin, Tyler7+175+195+1164
Lynch, Darren12+1916+1158
Seward, Rick14+171950
Will, Diedrich2+176+1944
Plooy, Matthew4+198+1142
Thomas, Nathan4+1710+1142
Smit, Bryce173+1939
Elemans, Mike14+1933
Pascoal, Julian16+1733
Chappell, Garrett10+1929
Cimenti, Eric12+1729
Schmidt, Matthew8+1725
Delurey, Brenda5+1722
Onyschuk, James2+1921
Smith, Chris1+1920
Sharp, Adriana3+1720
Suteau, Tyler1919
Truflinuk, David1919
Gorman, Cody1919
Tobler, Craig1919
Kolasa, Kevin1+1718
Kowalski, Lucas7+1118
Mitchell, Andrew1717
Manko, Basil1717
McNickel, Kyle6+1117
Dombroski, Darryl4+1115
Novice 4WD
Feeney, Conor20+4+320+9+359
Nelson, Spencer7+914+838
Laramee, Matt16+410+936
Bottorff, Jared8+98+833
Schmidt, Matthew20+8+331
Grossi, Fernando18+927
Richardson, Dylan18+826
Stubbs, Patrick16+925
Cimenti, Eric16+824
Patton-Gay, Damian14+923
Tran, Jim18+422
Aylward, Gordon12+921
Chanski, Metro12+820
Gibson, Matthew10+818
Thomson, Richard14+418
Gallant, Ben6+915
Ehm, Scott7+815
McGrath, Tony20+5+320+4+320+3+381
Thorn, Mike16+518+418+364
Robinson, Bob12+514+416+354
Milo, Chad18+516+443
Sharp, Dave14+518